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Thread: 7 Speed DSG Recall for the UK Anounced, Comments Please.

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    Got rid of a Skoda Yeti because of the 7 Speed DSG issue. Yes, it had the oil change and ECU update and it made no improvement. Was reported to Dealer at 15000 miles (who did nothing as "can't replicate fault"), raised with Skoda UK
    who advised to go back to the Dealer but "we can't do anything if it can't be replicated" At this stage their advice was to "see how it goes and monitor it"....until it blows up words

    In the end got rid of it as with Timing chain issues and out of warranty now was frightened to start it up without risking a
    large bill.

    Not a good experience. Final offer from Skoda was for us to foot the bill for
    an engine and DSG strip down and they would then review the situation with regard any financial contribution.
    You can imagine what response that got.
    Less than impressed and my one and only Skoda experience.

    Yes we now have a Golf SV DSG but with a 5 year factory warranty and up to now
    the DSG has been miles better and faultless, so it must have been nothing to do with learning
    driving style as same driver, same driving style and pattern of use. Let's hope we are not suckers for punishment.
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    2014 Golf SV SE 1.4 TSI, 7A DSG

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    Hi everyone,

    In reading this thread with a high level of interest as I'm considering buying a Polo GTI or Blue GT with a DSG box and following springs to mind. In the early parts of this tale of woe a reference is made to the Honest John Telegraph article which says the following

    "The UK's recall of 2012-2013 seven-speed DSGs began in February. Last June, the VW Group called the editors of major motoring publications and websites to a meeting to tell them such a change would not be necessary here. And, in truth, I have not heard of many DSG Mechatronics systems fusing in the UK due to crystallisation of the synthetic oil. Prior to 2012, the transmissions were filled with mineral oil so the problem did not arise."

    So my question is does the problems connected with the DSG units only happen on the older ones ( i.e pre 2014). I had a 6 speed DSG box in 2009 Skoda Octavia TDI VRS ( I appreciate this was a different beast to the new DSG box) and never had any issues with it so any thoughts and advice would be appreciated or should I just stick with a manual ?

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