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Thread: What is this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamm44 View Post
    well was'nt that then..what i have noticed over time is that when the weather gets better (dryer)and i connect the battery,if it sparks when i connect the live post then the car will start with no probs, check batt-no drain...if it does not spark when i connect it-the immob light will come on and car will turn over and not start,check batt-bit of a drain..where should i start looking for the problem ?
    When you connect the battery terminals and it sparks there is something drawing current which will drain the battery. Remove the fuses to find which circuit it controlled by that fuse.

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    did have it working for a while this week,tried today batt dead,tried to jumpstart it but now the 409 switch clicks like mad when the other car is connected,funnily enough i have phoned a few auto elecs but after i explain the symptoms they dont want to know as "it could be anything mate",so could someone please tell me which cables or area i should be looking in? many thanks
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