I have a 17 plate Touran and I'm looking to buy a boot cover/liner that also covers the third row seats when they are folded.

I want it so the car won't get dirty (e.g. from stroller wheels) and—if it's anti-slip—things won't move around. Ideally, I would like to be able to use it when one of these 3rd row seats is up, but that will be a rare occasion so I'll figure out a way if it can't work like that.

I had a look around, but I'm confused about what I should buy and what fits my car. In some shops there is a "Touran 2015 onwards" option, but some shops stop to a 2010-2015 model. Are there differences in the boot between these models—I would assume so?

Anyone with a recommendation about a boot cover that they have used and are happy with?

Thanks for your time.