First off, hi all on the forum.

Decided I had to take the plunge and register here to get some advice as my Mrs is now driving my car these days and she's giving me hell because it's started cutting out on her.

Got a scirocco 2.0tdi 170 with dsg and a fresh 1 day old stage 1 shark remap .

Problem has been about for a while now. When the car is started cold it's fine but when it's hot ie on short errands like stopping at petrol station, tesco etc it won't start back up afterwards.... the engine turns over and it sounds like it about to start then just decides not to at the last minute.

After a few minutes it will go again or after about 7 or 8 attempts to restart the engine. Pressing the accelerator on startup makes no difference..

I'm a bit lost because I've had the battery alternator and starter all checked and they came back fine. I also had it on vcds yesterday when the remap was being done and only fault showed up was the sensor under the accelerator pedal but im not sure if the cars maybe just spat the dummy out on startup and flagged up random errors on vcds as a result.....

My gut feeling now is telling me it's a fuel pressure problem maybe ? But don't really know where to start.

Thanks in advance if your still with me on this haha