Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on here and I've got problems with my 2004 Passat Highline 1.9TDI. I have just recently started to get electrical problems:

1 :The four way flashers flash once for no apparent reason.
2: The clock and the trip meter keep resetting themselves.
3: The interior light comes on while I am driving, flashes on once or twice then goes off.
4: When I try to lock the vehicle with the key fob, sometimes it will, sometimes it wont, got a mind of its own
5: The very latest and most baffling is the front passenger door window stops half way up and then reverses even though I am pressing the close button, doesn't matter which door button I press it still reverses itself.

I was thinking short circuit somewhere, but could all these be connected to the same short?

Thanks for any help in advance.