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Thread: Gateway error on electronics

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    Gateway error on electronics

    I've had a Westphalia tow bar fitted by an independent company. The first attempt at coding was almost successful but one element failed. This was the park assist part so that if I have a trailer attached the car doesn't recognise it and bleeps away. The company who fitted the bar needed to contact Westphalia for the missing code (there was a break for my holidays) to get the extra data they needed and today they attempted to pop in the code to complete the re-coding.
    Sadly there was an error message from the vehicle on the "Gateway" which prevented access to the car's data base so the missing code could not be added.
    I called into my local VW dealership to arrange to have the diagnostics check run and got lots of "tow bars are a specialist field - we'll need it for 48 hours" comments.
    I could be being very uncharitable but I've had a number of upmarket cars; BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and I've watched them run the diagnostics and it never seemed that complicated - or lengthy. So am I getting a bit of a run around from VW because they didn't fit the tow bar? I had checked with several local dealerships about having this done and got the same answer from all of them. They wouldn't fit anything other than a VBW bar and VW only do the electronic version at 1,500!
    However they all recommended Westphalia (I've done a previous thread asking about this) and Westphalia confirmed this.
    So any suggestions what I do nest?
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    If you paid a tow bar company to fit your tow bar and get the electrics working its up to them to sort the problems out. What error codes are coming back?

    There are plenty of trailer threads on Ross-Tech forum.
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    Have the towbar fitters installed the VW Trailer module?, on my Touran its module 69 in the Gateway list, as far as I am aware without that module the electronics will not work/cannot be coded correctly. I'm pretty sure the module was included with the Westphalia towbar kit when I had mine fitted. As well as the parking sensors (and more important I think) the Trailer module informs the ESC/ABS that there is a trailer attached and those modules then allow for the trailer.
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