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08-08-13, 18:17
Where can I get new air con pipes from? Are they only available from VW? What kind of prices are we talking?

08-08-13, 23:38
The compressor to condenser pipe/hose part number 3B0 260 701 B is 172.26 as is the other pipe/hose from the compressor but the three condenser pipe/hoses are 454.66 each!!! The compressor to condensor pipe/hose is available from Hella and Vemo but the other is only available from Vemo and you may struggle to find a supplier.

09-08-13, 10:56
:shock: why so expensive?

This is going to to be the Last VW I ever have, part prices are just stupid.

09-08-13, 23:29
HaaH Just don't but a Toyota then, the prices will make your eyes bleed....My colleague did a Citroen something or other today and it had a split AC pressure pipe which was hundreds of pounds and a nightmare to change, it is not just a VAG problem. AC hoes have to work under incredible pressures and temperature changes and so have to be extraordinarily robust, after all it is not plugged into a wall sitting on your kitchen floor!

09-08-13, 23:43
There are loads of sites in the US that sell ac pipes at reasonable prices, why do we always get ripped of in good old Blighty :-x:mad: I have found a couple of places on web that will repair or re make pipes just waiting for prices, but it says 75 per repair so could be an option.

10-08-13, 00:09
We had an Almabra in, or Sharan, or Galaxy, can't remember which-all look the same and it has seven, yes seven leaks and three in one pipe! All under rubber pipe clips. The Yanks have a huge advantage, it's a massive country many many times the size of ours where almost everything that moves has had AC for the last 50 years not the last 10 and so they have a much more developed infrastructure.

10-08-13, 00:12
Should have emigrated when I had the chance.