View Full Version : mk4 golf angel eye headlights

07-09-13, 20:12
Ive recently installed angel eye headlights and the rings only light up in one spot...Im putting it down to the bulbs being blown...does anyone no wat bulb I need??

07-09-13, 21:46
Which make of lights?

07-09-13, 21:55
Im not sure I brought them off ebay I could get a pic if that helps?

07-09-13, 21:59
There are so many Chinky makes it is unreal, most use a wire ended capless 5w bulb but it is near impossible to know.

08-09-13, 20:43


08-09-13, 20:46
You need to remove the bulb to identify it but I would put that poor effect down to a bad design/manufacturer.

09-09-13, 09:29
It seems to be the more im using them the ring lights up more...I took a bulb out and its a push in and had like silver on the tip thats y I thought it was blown?

09-09-13, 18:08
That sounds like a 501 so try a 501 LED replacement which will be brighter and not get hot. You will have to take car with the bulbs length.

11-09-13, 15:29
I have similar lights in my Bora you may find it each headlight needs 4 of the 501 buls all in a N,S, E, W position. I swapped mine out for cree led bulbs, a bit more expensive than standard led but 10 X better as the whole ring lights up.

12-09-13, 12:07
Ive brought some led 501 to see if this works better... if not ill give the cree bulbs ago.... car costs me to much money lol thanks both for the replys

18-09-13, 15:43
Thats the bulbs that are in the angel eye rings...looks like a tiny version of the 501 bulb...any ideas what it is or the led version? ?