View Full Version : 1998 Passat Estate, 1.9 Sport TDi - any engine stats?

11-05-07, 18:58
Anyone know the performance stats on the above? I'm finding it hard to nail down the actual range.. it's a Sport rather than an S, think that makes a difference!

Also, what's the difference between the 90/100 bhp models & the 130bhp models; is it simply the ECU or did VAG upgrade the internals as well?

Any info much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


11-05-07, 22:33
PM me your chassis number and I will tell you if you have a 90 or 110 PS engine, it won’t be a 100, 115 or 130 as it is too early. All these engine powers have big differences between them but the 90 and 110 PS engines are what is known as VEP TDI's and the 100, 115 and 130 PS are PD TDI's and these two groups are hugely different to each other in almost every way, they are completely different concepts in diesel engine technology.

18-05-07, 22:25
if its a sport with alloys,aircon,3 spoke steering wheel etc it will be 110bhp engine code will start with AFN