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14-09-13, 22:11
Ok so i fit a barrel repair kit today to find that when putting the handle back into drivers door the paddle part should fit into a slot, however there appears to be a hole the size of a 5p. the passenger side does have a slot type hole. The car was bought like this and it's obvious that someone has already been there. Could it have the wrong catch in the door? the paddle etc was missing off the barrel to begin with

Any suggestions.

16-09-13, 23:23
There are 2 types of lock repair kit available for the 97 model (if I remember correctly) if you can take a look at the one on the passenger side they SHOULD be the same as the one on the drivers side.
The 5 part kit is the later type (July 97 onward)

17-09-13, 07:53
The lock is not the problem, the problem seems to be at the catch. The paddle on the end of the barrel is flat at the end. For some reason the catch that it goes into has a big round hole.

17-09-13, 14:09
This is a Golf but its going to be simiilar.

If your key doesn't open the car the key barrel could be broken. VW know about this as they have made an upgrade.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx5pSR-M7uQ]VW A3 MK3 Golf Cabrio Door Lock Repair DIY

I don't know how old this video is but 1HM 837 061 B, 1HM 837 223 B, 1HM 837 237 B arent available but the number shown is.

Repair kit for lock cylinder - 1H0 898 081 A - 22.66

17-09-13, 18:18
Sounds like the door lock unit is broken but in a way I have not seen before.