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18-10-06, 11:05
I have a 02 plate Bora 1.6se and my airconditioning seems to have developed the following fault.

When the airconditioning is on it smells a tiny bit musty, but when you turn it off again moisture blows out of the vents and the air smells very damp.

I have checked the drain hole under the bonnet and it is draining fine, i know the smell is because of the dampness but i have never heard of moisture coming out of the vents.

I have been told this could be as simple as needing a new pollen filter or just fitting it correctly, is this true.

Can anyone help me coz its really winding me up.

18-10-06, 13:08
When the A/C runs it develops condensation on the evaporator which runs out of a drain hole in the bulkhead and this may be blocked. You could also have a leak onto the pollen filter from a split or poorly seated rain guard. The musty smell normally indicates the system needs disinfecting which any A/C specialist will be able to do.

20-10-06, 11:00
I know about the condensation on the evaporator and the drain plug but this is not whats causing the problem because it is draining fine.

20-10-06, 13:04
Are you losing coolant?

23-10-06, 09:39
not as far as i am aware, can this happen what would be the cause

23-10-06, 13:06
I was wondering if you had a heater matrix weep. Even a small amount of coolant leaking from the matrix would smell bad. It is a terrible job to replace.

23-10-06, 13:10
it doesnt do it in normal heating mode, it is only when the aircon has been on and then turned of. It smells fine normally.
I know then air is drying with the aircon turned on because it demists the windows quickly, but when you turn it off again they mist up worse due to the damp air coming through

28-10-06, 10:41
Sounds like it just needs a service, most likly a bacteria build up. Think it costs around 80 quid at VW, they will clean out the system by removing the bacteria etc, top up the freon etc etc. I should think that will cure your problem.