View Full Version : 2001 bora 1.9 tdi se 115 poss fault (help)

20-10-13, 21:53
it idles abit under 1k is that normal? Also seems abit laggy and louder until I go into 6th then it quiets done an lag dissapears, can still feel the turbo so im pressuming that its working ok, had the car about 2 weeks and its the first diesel iv owned so while I have warranty I wanna try an get peoples opinion, feels abit rough through the lower gears

21-10-13, 21:44
It is a 12 year old diesel with probably well over 100K miles on it, it is not exactly in the first flush of youth so may feel tardy and rough compared to a newer car. The first thing to do is get it fault code read. One thing that can make a TDI feel harsh is if the car has had a solid flywheel fitted which is quite likely.

22-10-13, 18:09
101k on the clock, probly just me cause I'm not used to diesel cars.thanks for the reply