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blue metal
12-08-09, 11:35
Hi folks
has anyone had problems towing with this style of hand brake?

I am old fashioned and prefer a cable handbrake as i can feel the degree of braking through it

I tow various units,caravan,keelboat trailer tent etc

any comments?

blue metal

12-09-09, 12:42
It does seem to be causing some distress amongst owners and is not very reliable either.

Gwyn van Boyo
01-08-12, 23:10
Hi, I am looking to buy a 2008 Passat & this car seems to have a problem with the push button Hand Brake !!
Is this a Common Problem ? There seems to be several people commenting about it on here .
If so is it an easy cheap fix, Or a nightmare & I need to avoid or maybe go & look for another one.
Also is there anything else to lookout for

touran tony
02-08-12, 19:59
Yes the switches seem to be a problem on these. Have heard the calipers can give problems on these. Ive changed a fair few back brakes on these and they can only be done with the correct diagnostic equipment or tool to wind back and set up the handbrake. Ive also noticed the inner brake pad always seem to wear down much quicker than the outside pad on the ones ive done.

02-08-12, 22:36
Early this year one poor chap had to have a new ECU and two callipers, over 1k!