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11-04-14, 00:19
What's the biggest Diesel engine you can fit in a mk1?

11-04-14, 08:47
Depends how much work you are willing to undertake, probably any of the VW 1.9/2.0 units with some work, there is a company out there that do this, cannot remember who they are now but I spoke with them about 18 months ago regarding a MK1 project. I was going petrol but they also offered diesels for MK1 and others

a quick Google should help

11-04-14, 13:30
Yes, depends on how much work you want and where you put it, virtually anything could go in the middle such as a V8 TDI but up front I would say your practical limit is the 2 litre 16v and I would go common rail but the management and fuel supply system will take some serious custom work. Easy straight in and plumb/wire up its the 1.9 AAZ 75PS TD and any further than this the electronics start to become much more complex with the next step being any of the 1.9 VEP TDI units and then PD's etc. An important consideration in looking at the practical aspects is the transmission. Anything more than a mildly worked on 110 VEP is going to be too much for an 020 series transmission (in fact I would say a 110PS standard unit is the torque limit) so you would have to move up to an 02A/J where there are some major engineering changes for areas such as mounts and clutch actuation or even as far as the 02M six speed but this gets extremely complex as it will need some serious adaptation and engineering work for speedo drive, mounting, drive shafts, shift operation etc BUT it can handle huge torque.

12-11-18, 11:50
I have put an 1.9 TD on my mk1 1980 it have been petrol before but now its diesel and its really big different on acceleration and torque too but have to fix breaks so they grips better maybe have to change main cylinder and break servo maybe pedal too for the clutch