View Full Version : 14 inch alloys for t4 caravelle?

20-04-14, 09:50
hi, ive got 14inch steel wheels on my t4 caravelle trident camper, with all pretty new tyres, can anyone advise me if 14inch alloys are available for this model, want to swap and keep the original tyres if poss,
many thanks guys,

20-04-14, 18:56
The T4 only used a 14" rim up to 1994 and not even VW ever offered a 14" alloy wheel so I really think you will struggle. Personally I would see it as the ideal chance to go serious and get 18'2 but that's me. not you.

20-04-14, 20:04
As this is my first ever vw (bought yesterday) uprating the size of wheel to maybe 15 or 16inch,. would any t4 wheels and tyres fit my 1992 vehicle?

21-04-14, 18:05
What do you mean by "any t4 wheels and tyres fit my 1992 vehicle" ? If you mean from another T4 then yes I don't see why not, they a only appear to have made one 14 inch design wheel and from 1995 all T4's were on 15 inch wheels. Whatever you fit has to have the 5x112-mm bolt PCD for M14 bolts and a suitable offset which is ET51 in the case of the factory wheel 14 or ET 44 for a factory 15 inch wheel, with a centre bore of 57.1-mm. The size of the later factory 16 inch alloy wheel is 7x16 ET49.

Have a look at Wheelbases web site, their full T4 range is here Volkswagen Transporter 1990 to 2003 (T4) Alloy Wheels (http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/volkswagen/transporter/t4), this gives you a good idea of what is available but from a quick look an ET45 ish 7.5x17 version of the MSW77 with a 225/50 17 tyre would be perfect MSW (by OZ) 77 Silver 17" Alloy Wheels - Wheelbase (http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/msw/77/silver/17-inch) BUT finding a tyre maybe difficult, a 225/55 17 may work OK but is a little big at around 2048-mm.

Whatever you choose should not really be wider than 225-mm so a wheel no more than 7.5 inch and remember the tyre has to be a reinforced version capable of supporting the vehicles weight so a load index in excess of 100 and the overall rolling radius (circumference) needs to be around 2000-mm