View Full Version : Transporter Prolem electric window

27-10-09, 09:13
Hello, I have a VW Transporter T5, with electric windows on a 54 plate. The problem is the passenger electric window switch is not working. At night the switch is not lit up red like the two switches in the drivers door. So I presumed it was the switch but then had a thought that should the window work using the passenger switch on the drivers door? Because it doesnt. Has anybody had this experience or any knowledge of this? I want to try to make sure it is the switch before buying another.

28-10-09, 14:32
Sounds like a wiring or convenience unit problem, get it fault code scanned.

29-10-09, 10:35
how do i get that done?

29-10-09, 12:05
By someone with a diagnostic computer, ask them to fault code read the convenience system. Most decent garages can do this for around 30.