View Full Version : VW Sharan SE [177] Manual

28-05-15, 22:09
Hi all,

First post of many hopefully, my wife and i are considering buying a new Sharan as described above. I understand that there is a refresh due later in the year which would normally put me off however the dealer is offering 20% off which on a car at that price is a hefty lump of cash!

We have the option of a 140 or a 177, I'm leaning towards the 177 as we take annual holidays to the south of France/Alps and figured fully loaded (4 adults and a child) the extra power will come in handy, also as i understand it the resale value is higher plus its always nice to have that extra bit :). What's peoples experiences with each engine? The 177 is around 1300 more.

Is there anything that you would recommend we lookout for? Were buying brand new, i have looked nearly new but due to the discount being offered the difference is minimal.

What are your thoughts on buying a life expired model? I'm planning on keeping the car for around 10 years so the financial drop shouldn't be as obvious as say a 3 year keep however it does seem unnatural to buy a car when a new model is out soon although if I'm being honest we wouldn't want to pay for a full price new model!

Any other advice or input would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance,