View Full Version : exhaust emissions warning lamp - Golf 1.6 SE 16v 2001 model

20-12-06, 19:51
Whilst driving my emissions warning lamp flashed on the dash. There was a reduction in power and the car sounded as if it was misfiring. Took it to the garage who changed all four coils but still the problem is there. Any suggestions on what else it could be as Volkeswagen want to charge 100 to just diagnose the problem with no guarantees if it can be fixed.


21-12-06, 13:52
Did they do a fault code scan?

21-12-06, 18:40
there was no mention of a fault code scan, but i was told that one of the pistons or valves( i think) was a 100psi lower than the rest.would need total strip down, cleaned ( carbon removed). my car has only done 35000 miles.

23-12-06, 19:53
What is the engine code or PM me the chassis number-do not post it.