View Full Version : newbie wanting advice on tow bars

24-04-13, 10:51
I have just purchased a 2005 estate 1.9 tdi with just 54k on the clock
i need some advice on choosing a tow bar
i was thinking about fitting a detatchable type however i can not see how to fit the plate for my caravan stabiliser (buldog 2000) does anybody have any experiance of this ?
if i can not i was thinking of fitting a traditional flanged type but wanted to know if it will interfere with my reversing sensors
has anybody fitted the flanged type with reversing sensors ?
many thanks

26-04-13, 09:41
Thanks for all the replies guys very helpful
i have never been on such a friendly site in my life
30 views and not one of you could even be bothered even to say hello
for f**s sake what a miserable set of a holes

27-04-13, 00:15
I am sorry this free to join and free to use young and slowly growing FREE forum failed to meet your high expectations of receiving FREE advice but I missed your post as I had been busy at work earning a living and most of the users on this forum are just normal people who know limited amounts about cars or tow bars in particular and as the only pro regularly on here I don't know a huge amount about them as they are a specialised subject. Apparently internet search engines scanning and people searching who are not members that can reply generate viewing figures that look like people ignoring you so I feel your attitude is wholly inappropriate.

27-04-13, 09:29
Can I draw your attention to the fact that this forum is run and contributed to by people who volunteer their time and knowledge to help people who risk having to pay approx. 70 an hour at a garage to have their cars fixed and in a situation where people cannot afford this expense this forum and the knowledge of the experts/professionals here is a lifeline.
Can I suggest that instead of rude comments that you exercise the same gracious appreciation that the rest of the people on this forum demonstrate.

29-04-13, 08:23
I think if you had half a brain cell between you, you would of realised that after posting a reply to my own question i would not b using this forum again
not much point if the so called expert advice is silence is there.
interesting you only repley after i have complained about you says a lot about this forum
is it really too much to expect someone to say hi and welcome to the forum even if they can not help with the question after reading a new post ?
You are living on a different planet if you are paying 70 an hour for garage fees and as for internet searches generating hits get a grip
i think my last comment was spot on
for f**s sake what a miserable set of a holes

29-04-13, 15:40
Sorry, We should have known he would not be using this forum again.



11-05-13, 17:55
Well as a very experienced caravanner and someone that has recently fitted a tow bar to my Passat and lots of other cars, I was looking forward to replying to this post.

Manners cost nothing johnl, I hope I never encounter you on the rally field. :mad: