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  • Sir i own a skoda fabia but the engine spoil so i fix golf engine fsi1.6 but my problem is the coolant hose connection.
    Where does the oulet hose and inlet hose connect?
    The EGR hose connection too ?
    Hi I need help with adjusting hand brake on vw sharan 2006 it seems that the nut is under the air vent console but I don’t know how to open it help pls.
    Hi Crasher, you seem to be the man to talk to when it comes to diesel VAG engines. I am over on vwaudi forum but for some reason my phone doesn’t let me view member profiles. Anyway, I’ve posted a question on here, over in the new member section and I’d be really grateful if you could maybe have a quick glance at it if you get 5 minutes.

    Hey was referred by keithuk for some info on the timing set up for 1.4 tsi engine bmy with a chain, I'm damned if I know if I am on compression stroke or exhuast and should the cams be aligned with the start of compression stroke or Start of exhaust?
    DL14XPV cheers bud could you link me in with the correct kit to cut holes and genuine sensors if possible , many thanks Colin
    Hi Crasher, thanks for the reply. My car has only 2 fuse boxes i am aware of, one on the drivers side dash and one in the engine bay. None in the left hand side of the dash. My reg number is YFZ 2225. Thanks in advance.
    Hi Crasher, happy New year !
    Im in trouble with my 2012 Touran. It is 2.0 tdi manual and it stopped showing in whitch gear Im in and start stop fault is coming up. Is there some sensor that indicates neutral or something ?
    hi Crasher I seen on a post you had commented about ecu not been fault for losing connection to one injector as mine is doing that. a garage replaced injectors now said it's and ecu fault and a guy is coming to look at ecu tomorrow. I have 1999 mk4 vw golf 1.8t could you please help? thank you Ian
    Hi Crasher,

    I cant pm for some reason, perhaps because im a new member. Could you possibly advise the procedure for checking actuator position/voltage on 2010 skoda octavia, 2.0 tdi cr?

    I have replaced the actuator but i cannot access measuring blocks in vcds, just advanced measuring blocks and the values i have seen online dont correalate with what i get when i apply/remove vacuum.

    Hi wondering if you could help please do you no if a mlh gearbox is the same as the che and dfq for the mk3 golf gti
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