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  • Thank you so much for your response to my question - I'm really grateful. Have a lovely Easter break.
    Hi crasher, I have a problem with my scirocco and see that you have alot of knowledge about Everything vw, can I pick your brain?
    Hi. It’s K555CKB. I spoke to VW and they said that it never had sat nav in the first place?? The code on the screen when you press the set up button ends in an L. If it were B or C it would be straight forward
    Hi there I have a 2004 vw caddy 2.0sdi and my gearbox is nackered it's lost 5th gear and now 3rd on its way. My reg is fe54fhb
    Could you advise what other gearboxes are compatable as been told a 6 speed touran box will fit but dunno which 1. Any help would b much appricated
    Many thanks for replying and for the information.
    I had driven the car back from work around 15 miles before plugging it in at the garage I use to work at. Used a snap on solus, not sure how much it can interrogate although it did ask for all the body/engine info, which I must admit I did guess due to time.
    Sent the cluster away on Thursday to autotronics, hopefully have a progress report tomorrow.
    Main concern is that it's an underlying issue and not the cluster.
    Kind Regards
    Hi Crasher,

    Sorry to bother you and messaging you out of the blue, after searching many topics on this forum and reading many of your posts, it seems you are the guru when it comes to vw's.. I have a golf mk5 1.9 tdi which had stood for around 6 months.. fitted a new battery to get it going and the instrument cluster starting playing up, the backlight starting going through a dimming cycle and an 'error' appeared and then completely shut off, no dials, LCD or anything. Car starts, drives and everything else works including exterior lights, radio, dimmer control ect. No lights or dials when key on then works for that few seconds when starting, then once started goes off again. Have checked interior fuse 6 and under bonnet fuse 17 and all okay. Have read codes and get a 0003 - control module malfunction.
    Have now removed the dash and sent away for repair. Do you think this will solve the issue? Or do you have any tips?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Sir i own a skoda fabia but the engine spoil so i fix golf engine fsi1.6 but my problem is the coolant hose connection.
    Where does the oulet hose and inlet hose connect?
    The EGR hose connection too ?
    Hi I need help with adjusting hand brake on vw sharan 2006 it seems that the nut is under the air vent console but I don’t know how to open it help pls.
    Hi Crasher, you seem to be the man to talk to when it comes to diesel VAG engines. I am over on vwaudi forum but for some reason my phone doesn’t let me view member profiles. Anyway, I’ve posted a question on here, over in the new member section and I’d be really grateful if you could maybe have a quick glance at it if you get 5 minutes.

    Hey was referred by keithuk for some info on the timing set up for 1.4 tsi engine bmy with a chain, I'm damned if I know if I am on compression stroke or exhuast and should the cams be aligned with the start of compression stroke or Start of exhaust?
    DL14XPV cheers bud could you link me in with the correct kit to cut holes and genuine sensors if possible , many thanks Colin
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