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  • Hi crashed I recently scrolled through old posts and found ones relating to oil pump problems in the PASSAT 2005 s 140 BKP. I'm looking at buying one later and the reg is WL05LSC and was hoping you would know if it's a good idea or if it falls within the ones that are prone to break as I really don't want another money pit. Thanks for your time
    Hi Crasher have you any experience with the CFGC engine Passat estate? It's 2013. I put a post on looking advice on reliability with the car and engine. It will be coming with a year VW warranty and 2 services
    hi crasher, I have been it has been recommended that I ask if you can help me I have a 2.0 tfsi yesterday I had my epc and engine management light come on the car keeps going in and out of limp mode but when out it feels as if it carnt decide whether it wants to run normal or in limp but without any lights on the codes that come up are
    P2293#07E8 pd
    P2294#07E8 pd

    this happened after filling up with fuel (momentum 99) and only had 15 miles left to the tank this happened a few weeks before but came up with a different code or it may have been just the one not entirely sure to be honest but after driving it home turning it off and back on again it cleared and had no problem.
    I really appreciate it I hope I have given enough detail thanks.
    Hi Crasher,off the top of your head any idea how much a front wheel arch liner Inc the small plastic piece at the bottom is for a B7 passat...Thanks..
    Hi crasher the doors open on there own as well only just bought it and have loads problems with it and its running rough apparently faulty maff
    I was hoping you could point me in the right direction, I have a 05 MK 5 Golf GT TDI. Just hitting 126kmiles and today I started it up an as soon as pushed the accelerator there was this whistling or screaming. I could crawl to bout 40mph, there is no black smoke. Does this sound more likely to be a pip? Thanks for yourt time!
    Hey Crasher . I see you are VAG cars specialist so i hope you can help me. So here is my question . My gearbox on my seat leon 1.9tdi asz 130hk engine with gearbox code FMH is dead. Will a ERF gearbox from a skoda octavia fit 100% I hope you can help . Thanks:)

    Would you consider Turbo Actuator Fault cheap and easy fix? Please let me know.
    Hi crasher, my 1996 vw golf wont start properly, it will start up and shut down a second later, i've ran a scan tool over it and it came up with the code"p1570 - engine start blocked by immobilise" do you know where the immobiliser is and will changing the immo coil work?

    Cheers :)
    Dear Crasher,
    I want to clean my throttle on my golf mk4 equipped with an AKL engine and was hoping if you could instruct me on how to realign it using a vag com.

    Thank you
    Hi crasher it's had new distributor and cap and rotor arm and new coil and plugs and still no spark
    Hi its mike with the polo that has problems setting up gearbox / Cables the polo is w reg 1.4 TDI . My email is any help is much appreciated cheers mike
    Hi, wondering if you can help me with a passat. Ive seen a post on wherw you mention coding out the airbag light. I have the proper vcds and cant seen to code it out, when I enter coding there is no coding helper button that appears?
    The car is a 2004 passat b5.
    Also cant get into central electronics either.
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