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  • Hi Crasher.
    Thanks for the info on my Jetta cutting out.
    I took all four to be tested over at Colchester fuel injection specialist. They tested them and two failed on response times and two passed. I bought two bosh new injectors and put them in. Do you think the one of the other two maybe gone after testing?
    Since we put the new loom on the cutting out seems to be rectified. But its the not starting still is odd.
    Especially as it is doing it sporadically.
    Many thanks again for your help.
    Mate can you send me your email so i can send you a link to a site that sells gen sensors,cant send it with my phone on here
    Mate a friend of a friend is selling a nearly new bosch lambda sensor,part number is 0258097353,its the front one which im looking for,just wanted to make sure its compatible for my car
    Cheers,its just annoying me so much as i love the car and dont want to get rid,maybe get the lambda sensor and take it from there
    Hi mate i didnt mean to sound cheeky in my thread it was a typo mistake and i appreciate your advice,i replaced the maf and its still the same,had a nosey online,could it possibly be the coolant sensor
    hi crasher slease can you view my last message on the towBAR wiring .forgive me didnt have multimeter or test light with me
    The engine uses a closed circuit breather system to make sure no crankcase emissions reach atmosphere unburnt and opening up the system with the engine running breaks this closed circuit.

    It may be that you have a faulty supercharger clutch pulley but for more help I would need your registration number.

    Sorry, forgot to say, just had an engine flush and oil and filter change but no change to engine noise/running problems. Thanks again.
    Hi Crasher
    I, 've been looking at your responses to the posts by other members and you seem to know a thing or two!
    I have a 2005 mk 5 golf gti tfsi with 44, 000 miles. It has developed a rattle coming from the top end. On starting, it's fine then after a minute a ticking noise appears (cam follower?) which then goes quiet and is replaced a couple of minutes later by a rattle which gets more obtrusive as the engine warms up.. its best described as sounding more like a diesel than a petrol when idling at normal operating temperature. In addition, when the engine is running at idle, albeit noisily, when you pull the dipstick half out or unscrew the oil filler cap, the engine starts 'hunting' or running really lumpy but then returns to normal when you replace the dipstick/cap. Are these two connected and if so, what is the likely cause? If not, what not what are the likely causes? Thanks.
    Hi, I've just posted a thread on this site under the golf mk 6 forum, I thought i'd just contact you direct as you have commented on 2l se 110 before, can you read and advise please
    I posted a reply to a thread on Wednesday and as yet it has not appeared, it said it had to be seen by a moderator first, why the delay. is this a reason as to why the forum is so quiet?
    Hi, thanks for the reply to my new thread, I can't seem to find it though, I wanted to reply to your message but the link takes me to a 'no thread specified page'. Just wondered if you know if it has been deleted or not. Thanks.
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