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    Battery Dead

    Mrs rydalong went to go out this morning but everything on the Golf was dead. Central (un)locking would not work and although the dash lights lit up the engine would not turn over. Mrs rydalong is sure the vehicle was "shut up" as normal last evening. Battery charged and off it went as...
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    Headlamp Adjustment

    Had the first opportunity yesterday to drive our Apr12 1.6D Golf Plus on unlit dark streets. The dipped headlamp beam focuses only a couple of meters in front of the vehicle. The mail beam lights are fine. Is anybody please able to advise on the procedure for "raising" the dipped beam? Thank...
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    MFD Fuel Consumption

    The MFD on our Apr12 1.6 Deisel Golf Plus is showing a constant fuel consumption of 53.8mpg. The display does not change, irrespective of running time, speed and gear. According to the owner's manual: ". . If the journey is interrupted for more tham 2 hours, the memory is automatically deleted...
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    Oil Capacity

    Is anybody please able to advise the engine oil capacity for a 1.6 Diesel Golf Plus "Blue Motion" engine? Thanks. Got nowhere with Mr GOOGLE:cry:
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    Routine Service Work

    Is anybody please able to suggest a web site which lists the work needed at each routine service for a 1.6 Deisel Golf Plus Blue Motion? Thanks. The thick VW supplied manual is not particularly helpful in this respect.
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    Greetings from Harwich

    Took dlvy of a new Golf PLus a few days ago - we found the Plus much easy to climb in and out of with the gammy leg. We found the PUG forum very helpful for maintenance help with the 306 which was beginning to show its well used 11 years. Am sure you folk here will also be willing to share...