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    Daytime running light bulbs

    So my DRLs are running a bit yellow & I want to change the bulbs in them. Do they take H8 style bulbs like the ones in the link?
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    Solo the Polo

    Got my first VW on Friday and have had my fondness of cars somewhat rekindled, funny how 123ps per tonne can do that. Anyway! Here's some snaps: My first mod, a quick de-badge:
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    First ever VW, Polo BlueGT

    So on Friday I picked up my first ever VW. It wasn't the one I had been after for a while, but after missing my shot at seeing the perfect (to me) Scirocco, I decided to not wait any longer & go for a great looking 2015 Polo BlueGT 1,4 TSI to be honest, I'm liking it a lot. I've got a regular...