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    Rear Wiper Motor

    Hi Does anyone have an exploded view of the rear wiper motor for the Mk4 Golf? Cheers John
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    Rear screen heater

    The rear screen heater won't work on our Mk4. We had a problem with the fusebox, but had this fixed; but still no joy. When you press the heater button it illuminates but still the heater doesn't work. I've had a look at the wiring to the tailgate (in the bellows at the top passenger side) and...
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    Mk4 Golf 1.4 hot start problems

    Golf starts good from cold, but if you try to start it from hot it churns over without firing. If it does start the revs are all over the place. (Up to 3000 revs). It settles down after about 5 mins. of driving (very carefully). I have heard that it could be the coolant temp sensor (the one...
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    Hi I'm kindredspirit. Currently own a Mk 4 Golf 1.4 (the wife's) and a 1986 Mk 2 Scirocco 1.8 GTX (197,000 miles).
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    where can I obtain Jade Green for my Mk2 'Rocco? It seems to be rare now. John :-)