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  1. Crasher

    1.6tdi 66 plate

    I am seeing stop/start AGM batteries fail at three years old instead of ten/twelve years which I have become used to since the twenty years I had seen all my working life... another example of CO2 reducing technology decreasing tail pipe emissions but increasing them in the real world we live...
  2. Crasher


    I would suspect the clutch system has not been adapted to the Mechatronics.
  3. Crasher

    Life expectancy on uprated halogen headlamp bulbs

    When I came around from the op the first thing the nurse said to me and Mrs Crasher was no funny stuff for six weeks, devastated I was...
  4. Crasher

    2014 diesel beetle error code

    There was one like that in Nottingham in the late 70’s into the early 80’s when I first started working on cars 40 years ago, called Autoplus but they stopped doing it and became a normal garage again, the current owner is Mike, a good friend of mine. A few companies have tried to start up such...
  5. Crasher

    New beetle oxygen sensor change - help needed plz

    Intermotor are a company a few miles up the road from where I am sitting, it is a brand of Standard Motor Products. I flatly point blank refuse to fit anything they supply, most is Chinnese tat; in the Nottingham motor trade they are infamous.
  6. Crasher

    New beetle oxygen sensor change - help needed plz

    It is sensor 1, the one before the cat. I would use a genuine Bosch part or even genuine VW as even Bosch aftermarket have given me problems in the past. When you buy it, make sure the box has not been opened, it is very common for people to try a new sensor, find out it is not the problem and...
  7. Crasher

    No dash lights, car tuns over but stops after 2 secs

    Sorry, a Touran not a Golf 5 (why did they make the Touran, Golf Plus and Caddy different in this respect??) but still fsue SC16. This is the instrument panel supply fuse providing Line 15 (ignition on) power, on cars with an oil level/temp sensor in the sump it also powers this so disconnect it.
  8. Crasher

    Urgent gearbox help needed

    It just pushes onto the ball, it should be lubricated with a special grease but it is about £40 a tube.
  9. Crasher

    New beetle oxygen sensor change - help needed plz

    16518 (P0134) - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1: No Activity B1 S1 means bank 1 sensor 1, it only has one bank and so S1 is the one in the downpipe before the cat 17536 (P1128) - Fuel Trim; Bank 1 (Mult): System too Lean 16555 (P0171) - Fuel Trim; Bank 1: System Too Lean These mean the fueling is...
  10. Crasher

    Knocking/clunking noise

    It is usually the other way around but when they fail badly the way they knock can change and yours sounds like this. The DMF can start to break up and twist, meaning you have to disc cut the centre away to be able to get at the screws This is unpleasant in a confined space and you get...
  11. Crasher

    No dash lights, car tuns over but stops after 2 secs

    Is this fuse SB16 or SC16, i.e. in the engine bay or dash side?
  12. Crasher

    Audi A4 1.9TDI B7 (2006)

    That suggests the hose from the turbo to the intercooler link pipe is split, it is a very common problem and so the hose is readily availble for a fraction of the Audi £61.27. The part number for a BKE or BRB engine is 8E0 145 738 H
  13. Crasher

    Egr Valve 1.6tdi CAYC

    I had to fit a set of pistons into a 5 cylinder Audi coupe last week with the block in the car and so I set it at a suitable height that I could pop the piston in and then dive underneath to pull the rod down and fit the cap... after number 1 I thought to hell with this and took it up and down...
  14. Crasher

    2005 Touran Blower - where is it?

    It is becoming a common problem on the Golf 7. There is a fuse plate and main power relay inside the back of the glovebox and if that gets wet from condensation (Golf 7's love filling up with water in the back) the entire ignition commanded electrical system shuts down.
  15. Crasher

    Life expectancy on uprated halogen headlamp bulbs

    I can't help it, I live to work... if I can't work I am lost. A few years ago I had a back opp and had to barely move for six weeks, I nearly went mad!
  16. Crasher

    Egr Valve 1.6tdi CAYC

    I bet that hurt?
  17. Crasher

    2005 Touran Blower - where is it?

    That is because KL 15 is Line 15 which is ignition live so with that circuit dead nothing will power up that should with the ignition, not even a working KL75 relay as it is powered by KL15. You can imagine what would happen if that failed whilst driving!
  18. Crasher

    2008 Polo BUD Crank Sensor

    The crank sensor plug? Was it a replacement? Strictly speaking you should not solder repair wires, VW forbid it and insist on crimp heat sealed connections, they wont even supply plug pins any more and will only supply pre assembled repair wires. I still solder though as it is much neater and I...
  19. Crasher

    2017 VW Tiguan R Line Electrical Fire Write Off

    Now funny you should say that as I had this in the passenger front door of a Altea XL a few weeks ago; the owner said "smoke came out of the door lock"! It was a low milage four year old car and I think it was a manufacturing defect where the wire became trapped between the window regulator...
  20. Crasher

    Life expectancy on uprated halogen headlamp bulbs

    When I fitted new headlights (the originals were scruffy) I changed from 130's to 150's and the overall difference was dramatic, I dropped my plan to relay the dipped beams. They are so good I felt conscious I was dazzling people so around town I wind them down. Anyway, why the sad face?.