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    free roof bars - collection only . Came off a 2005 Sharan. they look tired but fully functional - all keys to lock's - works a treat, fitting instructions included and original box and torque tool ,collection only from Cardiff . Will hold for a week then...
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    Just a couple of question's - start stop feature and Eco mode

    Start stop - hate it. Surly increases wear and tear on the engine / starter motor . Need to turn it off every time i get in the thing. any way round permanently disabling it or stay clear and just switch it off every time. Eco Mode: the coasting , does the clutch engage whilst it does this-, Is...
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    Sharan rear seats - 2005 tdi sport

    Came out the car about 10 years ago been in garage ever since, the ones from the boot area. Pictures when I can dig em out . £50 collected Cardiff area.
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    Passat Alltrack boot covers please

    OK, just ordered and dealer fitted mud flaps and roof rails, £££ Wow anyway, we have 3 dogs so looking for aftermarket boot covers,hopefully ones that protect the sides and the rear of the back seats of the boot also. Anyone have any experience/recommendations please but not VW money.:razz: Not...
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    Hello newbie alert

    Hi, First time post, about to pull the trigger on a Alltrack Estate 2.0 TDI , part ex'ing the wife's Sharan TDI which we've had for 15 years:confused::o and is looking very tired . looking forward to having a mull around the site. Cheers Bob