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    2012 Passat estate - tailgate lock problem.

    Our son’s Passat has suddenly developed a fault where the tailgate will not lock, and the mechanism produces a “hammer-drill” like vibration when attempting to close the tailgate. After several attempts it did lock, but when opened the problem occurred again and required several more attempts...
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    Value of one’s vehicle.

    Concerning the value of my 2017 Caravelle, on my last insurance renewal in Nov.2020 I reduced its value to £26,000 based on the insurers advice of its market value. Having read of used vehicles recently achieving higher selling values, I went on a car-buying website and entered my Caravelle...
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    2017 VW Caravelle - Unexplained damage to interior trim.

    I have had my VW’s serviced by the same VW-franchise garage for the last 20 years. I have always been satisfied with the service work, until I changed to a Caravelle in 2018. Although the Caravelle is classed as a “diesel car” on the V5 and I take it to the same reception desk, the service is...
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    2017 VW Caravelle TDI - Timing belt change.

    Had vehicle serviced last week. VW technician said timing belt due for changing, as vehicle now 4 years old. From 59-plate, VW indicates their cars require a timing belt change at 5 years. I pointed this out, but mech. Says 4 years because it is a commercial vehicle. The V5 says it is a...