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  1. Alec Litchfield

    Fuel injectors

    Hi alec here my vw35lt, 2.5 needs work on injectors when we start. her up lots of smoke my fear is the cost. Spoken to several people who believe there is a problem with the injectors..
  2. Alec Litchfield

    Alec vw35lt

    I have just fitted a tracker too my campervan, It was so easy to do with gps live. Any one had any problems with this site. Thanks to all. Alec
  3. Alec Litchfield


    Hi my name is Alec and last year we brought a van and revamped it, all done at the grand Old age of 68 years
  4. Alec Litchfield

    Alec ,Hi to all i am a new boy we have a vw35lt 2.5tdi .

    Well where do i start this vehical was a bus, its taken a year to fit it out has a campervan but we are living the dream, ho I am 69 next birthday. Stay safe and enjoy to all.
  5. Alec Litchfield

    Alec Litchfield

    Hi I am a 68yr old newbie. I have a vw35lt 2.5tdi which in lock down I. I have fitted out has a campervan for me and my lady. Living the dream 😎