Anyone thinking of ordering DCC with their new Golf?
If so I'd recommend this thoroughly as I have taken delivery of my new Golf GT with this specified - a transformation of the cars handling and dynamics. First thing I noticed was the lack of nose dive on braking and conversely nose lift on acceleration. The various settings are all very compatible with the spring rates and dynamically change damping according to various parameters from steering etc. Body roll is well reduced even in comfort mode, as if the the car knows you are about to throw it into a corner.....
The only DCC drawbacks I have noticed so far -
Suspension height slightly higher at all round in comparison to standard GT which curiously looked lower at rear than front. Doesn't look as "sporty" !
The mode selection button is on the blind (lhd) side of gear lever making it difficult to find quickly.
Mode selection cannot be made from MFD screen & steering wheel buttons, a missed opportunity in my opinion.
Just wish I could have afforded Xenon lights & led drl's.

Happy Christmas all VW'ers