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Thread: Insrument panel not working

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    Insrument panel not working

    HI, I need help, the instrument panel on my car has stopped working. As I need my car for work I am trying to find out if it is a common fault or just a one-off. Don't know how to repair it but my friends will do it for me if something needs changing. Any helpers out there I would be very grateful.

    My car is a VW Passat, 1995 and a 1.9 engine, diesel fuel.

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    Doubt it's a common fault. My first port of call would be to check the fuse box and hopefully a simple replacement, however if it is a blown fuse, something has caused it and it would be worth getting a Bosch electrician to check it out
    2014 Golf GTD 2.0 TDI-CR, 6 speed manual
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