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Thread: Windows jamming open

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    Windows jamming open

    Hi, has anyone experienced their windows jamming slightly open in the frosty weather. Is it a fault? I think it's to stop damage to mechanism! My car is a cabriolet.

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    Yes this is very common and has made me late for work many times in winter.
    It's caused by ice sticking and preventing the glass lowering and coming clear of the rubber when you open the door. The controller no longer knows what position the window is in, open or closed. You will also find the one touch open/close no longer works and, like you have found, when you close the door it doesn't automatically close that small gap.
    You will need to reset the controller by pressing and holding the window open switch until the window is fully open and keep it pressed for a further 5 or more seconds, then pull and hold the window switch until the window is fully closed and keep it pulled for a further 5 or more seconds.
    Some people suggest that some Rain-X on the glass and a very thin layer of petroleum jelly or silicone on the rubber prevent the ice bonding the glass to the rubber, but I've not tried this.

    There is a video here with the procedure for resetting the one touch open/close:

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