I'm not sure offhand what the engine type is. It's a 1994 PoloIII 55hp GL if that's any help. What point did you want to make? I can check the code later in the week. I think I've already been ripped off by the local VW concession because the person who sold me the vehicle told me to get the key recoded so I took it to VW. They charged me 50 € (about 45 pounds) to apparently recode the key then said there must be another problem because the car wouldn't start. When I asked them to do a diagnostic to find the problem they said there was no diag. plug on this model. So how come they have recoded the key!!!? I don't believe there is a coded key on the car, there is no light on the dash to indicate an antistart device. I will be taking this up with them for sure! STILL STUMPED.