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Thread: Front assist and ACC deactivated

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    Sod that, I would deactivate the system. If I am going to die behind the wheel I want it to be by the hand of a human, not the act of a ****** computer!
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    Rather than start a new thread I thought I would find my previous thread and add to that.

    The front assist that stopped working shortly after buying the car and then started working again continued to work until recently, the best part of 3 1/2 years. Just like when it initially malfunctioned it was in very heavy rain when the front assist yellow triangle popped up on the instrument cluster to say that front assist and ACC not available. I assumed that in a day or two when it had time to dry out it would be OK again. Unfortunately that is not the case. Last week I took it to the local VW dealer who do the servicing for them to sort it out. I was informed that it needed re-calibrating as it is out of tolerance. I have a VW extended warranty but was told it does not cover this. We agreed that there was no damage to the sensor or no damage to any surrounding area. They also agreed that it is mechanically fastened to the car and nothing has become loose. They had no idea what had caused it to go out of tolerance but said it would need 3 hours on their ramp as that's how long it takes to carry out the full process. When asked hey also said they are unable to deactivate the whole front assist / ACC system so that the warning triangle light goes out (Anyway this is not what i ultimately want though). I discussed with the dealer that VW had moved the sensor to the badge on the bonnet. This must be in recognition that the current low down sensor design and position has been problematic. We all know this type of engineering change is expensive to implement and if was working well they would have left well alone. The cost of re-calibrating is 400 and they were not prepared to make a contribution.
    I called VW customer services when I got home, explained the problem, explained no damage, explained VW have re-positioned and asked based on this if they would make a contribution to the cost. He said they would not. He could offer no explanation why this would happen so I asked to speak to a technical person for a technical explanation. He said all of the technical people work at the dealerships and I need to talk to them. I replied that I have spoken to the dealer to which he said there is nothing more they can do. I asked to speak with a manager and got a call in a couple of days.
    I explained the situation in detail again to the manager -

    Previous experience with the car 2 weeks old.
    Asked why it would go out of tolerance when mechanically fastened with no damage as it is illogical as it can't possibly require re-calibrating for no reason.
    In moving the sensor to the bonnet badge VW had acknowledged that the sensor on my car is badly positioned and that companies do not make this type of engineering change for no reason to to cost and logistics.
    VW are taking no responsibility for having safety equipment badly positioned and making the cost of that poor design wholly the owners responsibility.
    I said that I would like an explanation from a technical person as in conversation it was clear that the person I was speaking to had very limited technical engineering knowledge.
    When asked what could cause it to go out of tolerance this she said it could be a pot hole or speed hump for example. I replied that I was driving on the motorway and I had no knowledge of a pothole. I said based on what she had said I could drive five minutes down the road, hit a pot hole and the light come on again with another 400 bill to put it right. She did not disagree with this. How can a manufacturer possibly consider this fit for purpose?
    I asked to speak with a technical person she replied that is the dealerships. I told her that i was extremely dissatisfied with the response of customer services but she concluded that there is nothing they are able to do and it is the responsibility of the dealer if they want to make a contribution to the cost as customer services will not be contributing and my only course of action is to write to the motoring ombudsman.
    Sorry that it is a long post but has anyone had any experience of the motoring ombudsman? Also does anyone think I have any chance of success?
    To be honest this has almost become a matter of principal as I don't think companies should be allowed to act in this way.
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