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Thread: Forum Software Update 20/12/16 & Issues

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    Post Forum Software Update 20/12/16 & Issues

    Hi Everyone...

    Short answer:... updated forum software, it didn't work with other software on the forum, had to restore the forum to Saturday backup, so some posts, messages and new users have been lost ... and no i cannot get them back argh...

    As mentioned I had tried to update the forum software to the latest version, to fix a number of issues as well as trying to get the forum to run on php7 & update the apps which would have made it even faster, but it didn't work, lots of small issues which i spent 2 days trying to resolve in the end it was not going to work.

    So in short trying to improve / fix some issues has caused some others as they were not compatible.

    As always thanks for everyone's support of this free forum, and I hope noting too great was lost in the posts...

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    Do you know I tried searching for this thread, nothing found. I looked in my posts nothing found.

    I was going to comment the forum is working back to normal. So the software update did cause my problem. Cheers Rory, thanks for reposting.

    Oh update: I've said in the previous thread when I search for something that I know I've posted a reply. If I click on my username and see all previous post. It shows all posts that Crasher has made. Obviously I've made a comment in the same thread. But they are all Crashers avatar why is that?
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