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Thread: Startup Rattle

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    For the 1.6 FSI owners, if it's any consolation my engine has been doing it for the past 5 years and it hasn't blown up yet. For the older cars I don't think it's worth wasting money getting the chain etc. replaced as most people report the problem resurfaces again.
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    It may be worth people keeping these cars well maintained and having the chains done before they fail as I think cars like this are going to be highly sought after by people on a restricted budget. There is a Toxicity zone in London which is expanding massively soon and a new one in Birmingham from next year which will cost 50 each time you enter it, petrol cars like this being EU4 emissions or even EU5 will be exempt (many VAG petrol engines from 2001 ish) where some big expensive five year old Audis won't be!
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