Hi all

Looking to see if anyone has successfully fitted electric windows to a 2005 Mk3 Caddy using all including the door looms from a VW Touran also on an early 2005
I have fitted the door cards ,electrics and mechanisms and plugged into the plug at the pillar

Seems to bee missing a 12v on the Caddy itself on the plug......

any ideas as to how to get a power source to the loom ?

Is there a fuse to be added to the fuse box under the bonnet if so which fuse number and what ampage ?

Do I need to activate in VCDS as well ~? and how would I do this ?

Just to recap...everything from a Touran doors been added to my caddy back to the pillar ( plug fits perfectly !)
I have all functions on the door except obviously no eleccy mirrors as they were never fitted to my Caddy and all switches light up too.....central locking works on and off the key

Hopefully somebody can help as I read somewhere that all it needs is a connecting wire from pillar to window motors and just can not remember where !

Thanks in advance