I've got a squeak or squeal, what seems to be coming from the front area of the Caddy. (I've got a 2013 Bluemotion Automatic).

The noise only happens when the car is sat stationary and I take my foot off the brake - when the car starts to move, then for about 1 second I get the noise. (sometimes it may last a little longer but not much).

The weird thing is that the noise does not happen until I've driven for about an hour. (!)

We've had rain in the last few days and the noise hasn't happened in the rain.....more strange.

The noise has been ongoing for about 6 - 8 weeks (unless raining).

It's not brake noise as it doesn't happen when I'm braking...only when I start moving - I've had all 4 wheels off and I can't see anything wrong.

Does it point towards a belt maybe?

Cheers in advance - appreciate any help on this.