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Thread: Looking to buy my first VW and would like some advice.

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    Question Looking to buy my first VW and would like some advice.


    This is my first post on the forum here and I'm currently looking at buying my first Golf, I'm 18 years old and have been driving for 6 months, I want to buy a 2013 MK7 1.6 TDI SE (1.6 because of Insurance reasons).

    Cars is a particular hobby of mine and I have basic knowledge of their internals and how they work etc, but as I'm new to the whole world of VW I would like some advice on some particular modifications I'd like to do to my car once I get it, I've been thinking about them for a while and some may be harder than another, but I've made a list of some and would like some advice/help on where to look to get a tutorial on how to do them.

    • A main one for me is the sequential tail lights seen on the MK7.5 facelift R which look truly stunning a video can be found here. I did some research but couldn't really find much of a guide as they were mostly for the US versions of the Golfs, regardless of whether the sequential tail lights can be done I plan on replacing the default MK7 tail lights anyway for the LED GTD ones as they look far better in my opinion, is this just a case of purchasing them on a site and fitting them myself without coding etc?

    • Another modification I'd like to do would be the folding electric mirrors as I'm not sure whether the model I'd like to purchase already has this, from some basic research it would appear they do not however they are electric mirrors, I'm just not sure whether they fold or not.

    • I'd also like to replace the default VW radio unit (I believe its the RCD510) and I'd like to buy a CarPlay supported one instead, I think you can pick them up for like 150-250 on eBay, yet again would this be a case of plug and play.

    • Finally, I'd like to also replace the default VW steering wheel with a VW GTD or R line one instead with the flat bottom as they look very nice compared to the standard one.

    That's just a few of the modifications I plan on doing a long with more mechanical stuff like suspension, exhaust, you get the point but this won't all be done at once for the sake of my bank account but it will be a little project I intend on doing for a year or so. Something to keep me busy and entertained.

    But as I said if anyone could shed some light on how I'd go about doing these 4 modifications I mentioned then I'd really appreciate it as like I said I'm very new to the whole car scene and wouldn't have a fraction of the knowledge many of you guys on here would have! Yet again thanks for the help.


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    I suggest you start by investing is a legal full VCDS cable, it will be of immense help to someone like you.
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    I was looking at them earlier and they seem very complicated and confusing however I also came across the OBD Eleven which looks fantastic for the price and also seems a lot easier to use.

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