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Thread: Apple Car Play

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    Apple Car Play

    Hi everyone.

    When I purchased my Golf SV with discover media I wrongly presumed that it would come with Apple Car Play as standard, It didn't.

    VW say they cannot help with a costing and I must speak to the dealer. I have asked the dealer on a number of occasions the cost of this update to the discover media but they just don't get back to me with a price.

    When I connect my iPhone to the media system I get a message that I need a code to allow this to work, but I see nowhere that any such code can be installed.

    Can anyone help me with this please, I feel that using Google maps or something from my phone would be better than the very disappointing VW navigation at present.
    2017 Golf SV 1.4 TSI

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    I gave up on Discover sat nav a long time ago. Bought a 25 Belkin car mount clipped onto air vent and use the free app Waze. Miles better.

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    Apple car play as approx 250, its just an activation code!! I think you will also need the voice control enabled. Again another load of cash
    2017 Golf GTD 2.0 TDI-CR

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    I got car play activated cost 200 I have an Iphone and it has to be connected via the cable this allows you to access your phones music and certain apps from the cars infotainment system it also uses siri and I assume what ever androids use to read texts and you can reply and it will send a text back I think its worth it as once you connect you shouldn't need to touch your phone to use it. not sure how much you have to pay for voice only activation put as car play uses the phone this is just find for me.
    2015 Golf GTD 2.0 TDI-CR
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