Hi folks.

Looking to buy a steel rims + winter tyres package and want to ensure I'm ordering rims and tyres that will fit the car correctly.

These are/were the rims I was thinking of getting, until I went in to my local VW dealer to try and get a bit more info:


All they had on their system was the rim width figure, 6J, which agrees with the spec in the Ebay listing.

They did think it likely that the 14" rims would cause errors with the car's tyre pressure monitoring system, however, so I probably need to find 15" rims. Is that true?

What I'd really like to know is the rest of the rim information for the car:

Rim Width: 6J - as mine
Aspect Ratio: 60 - current tyres are 185/60 R15 so ok. Offset: 43 - don't know, but I know it's critical.
Rim Diameter: 14 - mine are 15" Number of Studs: 5 - agreed
Load Index: 82 - fine, I think. Stud Diameter: 100 - not sure, but I know it's critical. I've measured it centre-to-centre before on my Golf with a steel rule.

Anyone got the data to hand? I'd really appreciate it.