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Thread: Couple of Niggles-Headling & Dash Lights

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    Couple of Niggles-Headling & Dash Lights

    Hi all, hope we are well?

    Picked up my first Touran last night, 2010 S 1.9TDi 105 6 Speed and absolutely love it, has 83k on the clock with a full history and a sheer delight to drive and be in. However I have found two niggles I'd like to get to the bottom of please and hopefully someone can assist:

    1.) Wet headlining (with a small staining patch indicating been doing this for some time) with resultant steamed up windows, wet patch is at and just immediately behind the drivers side seat belt pillar on the headlining, as the car does not have a sunroof I'm assuming can only be the aerial gasket o ring or the roof rails but seen as there is no dampness near the aerial I'm thinking roof rails? There is no fixing point directly above the patch but I guess could be running along? Assume headlining down for a peek?

    2.) Occasionally at idle both engine management light and steering wheel light both (very dimly) illuminate yellow then go out when you start driving, however when you indicate left the engine management light dimly flashes in sync with the indicators and when you indicate right the steering wheel light dimly flashes yellow in sync with the indicators - bizarre!!

    Any thoughts folks?

    Absolutely adore the car so hoping it will become a long term daily.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance and thoughts which are very much appreciated indeed.

    Kind Regards


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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

    Your car spec says: 2010 Touran S 1.9 TDI 105PS. Now you have a Tiguan?
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    In the old, pre ECU days, I'd have said that point 2 was insufficient volts at idle & maybe the fan belt was slipping. If slipping badly you'd hear a screech when starting. But as you've only just got the car ask the dealer.
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    I was going to say 'in pre ECU' days a bulb illuminating in sync with the indicators often suggested an earth fault with the indicators - as you have a water ingress issue somewhere I'm wondering if the circuitry behind the dash has got some dampness on it?

    With regard to the waterleak - what colour are the roof rails? They can either be Anodised Silver or Matt Black, the option code for Silver is 3S1 and 3S2 for matt black,
    if you have code 3S0 it indicates that your Touran wasn't built with roof rails originally

    You can see what your Touran came out of the factory with by checking the Option sticker that should be in the Manual or Service book and in the spare wheel compartment (which is a total misnomer on a 7 seat Touran). In mine its stuck to the flap that covers the electric tyre pump in the compartment where the headrests for the 3rd row seats are stored.

    The 3 digit codes are basically the factory build sheet.

    You can interpret these codes using

    I don't recall ever seeing any other posts on this forum concerning water leaks attributed to the roof rails, although doesn't mean it can't happen, the weak point as regards water ingress is usually considered to be the windscreen sealing.
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