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Thread: Injector and cylinder head issues

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    Injector and cylinder head issues


    So my 14 reg Polo Match 1.2 TDI (67000 miles, owned for 6 months - warranty from dealer was only 3 months) broke down last Sunday (27th march). DPF had been on and off for the last 3 months, took it to local garage they said sensor dirty so cleaned it and problem went for a while. DPF came back on, took it on motorway to regen however, after coming to a stand still car stopped and would not turn engine over. Called RAC who diagnosed as problem with injector in cylinder 2, towed to one of their 'recommended' garages. This was Sunday night, Monday I got a call from garage to say injector was completely sheared off and they needed to take cylinder head off to see what was wrong. I said ok, price starting at 399 for them just to look. No contact from garage whatsoever so I called again Wednesday (30th march) to be told it was a big job and I'd hear from them after the weekend. Called again today to be told no further on with vehicle as they are 'busy' however they will have the cylinder head off by Friday and report back to me then. All this time I am without a vehicle. They even said I will not have it back by early next week either.

    Sounds to me like they haven't even started the job yet - am I right to cut my losses and tow the car elsewhere? Or leave it with them to carry on with?

    Never had any problems with a car before and I am quite inexperienced with the whole engine and parts etc so would appreciate any opinions/experiences.


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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

    What did the RAC use to diagnose your vehicle, a generic scanner?

    Post approved.
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