I have a set of genuine 928 staggered 7"/8" alloy wheels with tyres. Great condition alloys in satin metallic sliver with matching Porsche caps. All wheels true and straight. Ideal for Mk1/ Mk2 Golf's with adaptors.

Porsche Manhole Cover Offset alloy wheels, very good (used) condition.
Fronts (928.362.115) 7J16 ET65
Rears (928.362.117) 8J16 ET52.3

Will fit Porsche 928/944/968/964 etc & some VW's etc (you will need to check).

Fronts 195/45/16 Hankook 6mm thread depth
Rears 195/45/16 Zeta 3.5mm thread depth

Price - 395 + 55 postage
Location - Leic
Contact - 07903865177