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Thread: Hi there, buying a Golf R32 next week

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    Hi there, buying a Golf R32 next week

    Hi All,

    Just joined up and looking for some advice, I've been on the hunt for an R32 for a few months now and I'm due to view 3 next week.
    I've no VW prior ownership experience, could someone kindly point to either an R32 buying guide or give some specific pointers to look out for on them.

    I'm looking at manuals, between 65-80K. How does the paint work and the underside hold up here in the UK on these? Is corrosion an issue on them?
    Also, how much on average is a Haldex service these days?


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    ........well I purchased the R32 and I am really impressed and enjoying it, last car was a mitsubishi evo 6 and whilst it was insanely quick and raw, it was totally unrefined and a total pain to drive on anything other than B roads and motorways. The R32 feels very quick (regardless of countless threads on the internet about it being underpowered and slow) it certainly is not in my opinion. But what a beautiful car to drive, its a joy, its smooth, feels tight/almost like a new car, totally responsive and grips in the corners as well as my evo did, if not better. Its comfortable and very easy to drive. So glad I went for one.

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    Strange.. the 6 inialates the R32 , what psi was the 6 running ?

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    honestly im not sure, it had a gizzmo msibs boost controller and was running stage 1 mods with uprated fuel pump and remap etc, I never touched the gizzmo boost controller out of fear! Ye insane power, but I certainly prefer the R32 overall, maybe its getting older I'm not sure.

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