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Thread: 2018 Polo GTi+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loanhead View Post
    2019 Polo GTi Plus
    Interested in the economy of the car (TonyF) since waiting for similar car in summer 2019. What does top gear pull per 1000 rpm it 25.3 mph/1000 rpm as quoted in the Autocar test ? That does seem low geared for a 140 mph car. Demonstrator car unavailable and long delivery times in Scotland. Any comments welcome....
    1,500 rpm at 50 mph in 6th. Tested yesterday.
    p.s. I make that 33.3 mph / 1,000 rpm.
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    2018 Polo GTI Plus 2.0. Petrol

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    Well done TonyF...this shows that either Autocar were given a low geared car to test or else someone has not done their arithmetic properly! Given that correct gearing you can surely see 48 mpg with an efficient 2 litre engine and still have fun...Many thanks indeed.
    2019 Polo GTI Plus 2.0

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