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Thread: Any tips for cleaning a new car?

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    Any tips for cleaning a new car?

    Hey all, just registered here after putting a deposit on my (nearly) new Arteon and I've been mulling over delving into the world of cleaning my own car for a while and wondered if you guys had any recommendations or tips on where to start?

    I've seen quite a few videos on the easiest way to properly clean your own car (wet, snow foam, wet, compressed air dry) but I'm a bit hesitant about shelling out potentially hundreds on cannons and equipment etc.

    In short, whats the best way to keep my car extra clean without taking it to the local car wash and ending up with a 1000 swirls after 6 months



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    First choose which companies detergent and polish 'system' to use; I use Auto Glym but others prefer Maguiars or Poor Boys, personal choice. How often you will need to wash and polish your Arteon will depend on whether its garaged, miles travelled per month and area of the country etc. I have evolved the following 3 stage 'scheme'
    1. The works: Thorough wash of the bodywork, using a hose (or power washer) spray the car with clean water to remove loose dirt, bucket of water and detergent and sponge to go over the whole car, then using the hose or power washer spray rinse the car. Car is now dried using chamois or micro fibre cloths. Clay bar, resin polish and then high definition wax the whole body. Followed by using Vinyl/Plastic liquid on the black plastic body parts. I remove all four wheels power wash them both sides, use alloy Wheel Cleaner to remove all traces of brake dust and then alloy wheel sealer. My car is garaged so I do this twice a year in April and September. Auto Glym say to look at the size of rain drops on the roof - when they are small the wax is good, redo the wax when the drops get bigger.
    2, Regular wash - this is typically once a month, but depends very much on usage and weather. Same wash process as (1) but its not dried, instead Aqua wax is used, this is applied to the wet car, so applying the polish also dries the car - saves time. The Aqua wax keeps a good wax on the bodywork.
    3. Adhoc wash; this is a quick wash to just remove heavy dirt deposits or during the winter to remove salt and winter road grime.

    Every time I wash the car I always try to spray under the wheel arches and under the sills.

    I already had the power washer and its not necessary really, all it costs is the materials - I think I've spent about 100 over 5 years so far. The HD wax at 35 was the most expensive item but it lasts a long while - I've done my Touran 10 times and the other car 5 times, 2.5 L of detergent, a 12 bottle of Aqua wax lasts 2 years, Clay Bar about 20 this includes cloths, rapid detailer and resin polish, Resin Polish 15.

    It generally takes about a day and half to carry out 'The Works', - the regular wash only takes an hour or so.
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