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Thread: 2003 Golf V6 4Motion for sale

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    2003 Golf V6 4Motion for sale

    Hello all,

    Sadly I'm joining the forum for the wrong reason as my families trusted Golf V6 4Motion has now reached the end of its useful life for us.

    A couple of weeks ago it started displaying a few electrical issues and when fired up was also misfiring. I think the later is due to the start of a timing chain issue, whilst the former has me and the local garage stumped (although could be linked if the battery isn't charging properly whilst running.....)

    The wife and I have decided that it is time to move onto a newer car and so the decision to let the Golf go has been made.

    It may be that someone with more patience or knowledge than me is able to resolve the above two issues, or possibly the car could be a useful project or donor vehicle for anyone who needs it.

    I'll get some photos the next time I'm at home in the daylight and post on here, although given these cars are mostly standard there isn't a lot more to share other than it is black with black interior, approx. 98k on the clock and in the sort of condition you would expect for a car driven in London for the last few years (i.e. a few car park related smudges and small dents).

    If anybody would like to know any additional details about the car then let me know and I'll post on here when work commitments allow, otherwise if there are any interested takers feel free to PM me with your thoughts. Given there is undoubtedly some useful elements in the car I'd like to recoup a little value.

    Happy to discuss further with anyone interested.

    For completeness the car is currently, at home, in North London just a mile or two inside the M25.



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    hi is this still for sale?

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    I doubt you will get a reply as this person only ever made 1 post over 4 months ago
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