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Thread: Diagnostic codes P0031 and P0037...Blown Fuse

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    There seems to be a pattern emerging. Went for a couple of days with out blowing the fuse. The fuse blew again first thing this morning and it was very damp here after a dry couple of days and nights. So moisture is the current favourite.

    Thanks to all for the help so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by HangliderUK View Post
    Engine code is CHFA. And you're right about the info in the manual as when I double-checked I found the pedal sensors are also mentioned against fuse 38 along with the instrument panel and the fuel pump relay...confusing indeed!
    Yep, the circuit I was looking at is for that engine code so wiring as I said above. A couple of thoughts on how to proceed from here: Since you mention dampness as a possible factor maybe try spraying a water mist at the two sensors one at a time and their connectors, with a fresh fuse fitted, to try to isolate which is causing the fuse to blow.

    If that doesn't yield results, try measuring the heater resistance of each of the sensors between pins 1 and 2 of their connectors, with the loom connector unplugged from them while measuring. I'm not sure if they ever go lower-resistance when they fail, but if one is starkly different (much lower resistance) it might be reason to question the health of that sensor.
    They aren't the same part number, but they are both the same type/technology judging by the pin count, so I should think the heater resistances will be similar.
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