Hi everyone, I'm usually a lurker rather than posting but I've searched but can't find the answer.

The van is an ex British Gas 2009 2.0 SDI with about 95,000. We've had a few problems with it, had the gearbox rebuilt & new clutch, replaced the fuel injector loom.
It idles ok one minute the starts hunting for a couple of minutes the it ok again, it sometimes feels as though there is no power then it's ok.
It's getting so frustrating as I've a friend who put it on a Snap On diagnosis machine to check for codes but there aren't any.

If anyone can help out with ideas I'd be so grateful because if I can't get it sorted soon I'm going to cut my loses & sell it.
I know I'm not going to get anywhere near what it owes me, I don't even need a van anymore as I've changed jobs